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Reconfigurable Computing Group
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Reconfigurable Computing Group
Reconfigurable Computing Group
The Reconfigurable Computing Group is under the direction of Professor Russell Tessier and focuses on a variety of topics in reconfigurable computing including CAD for FPGAs, adaptive systems on a chip, and adaptive implementations of communication coding in reconfigurable hardware.

Professor Russell Tessier
Russell Tessier
University of Massachusetts
309G Knowles Engineering Building
Amherst, MA 01003

Phone: (413) 545-0160
Fax: (413) 545-4624
Admin. Assistant: Chris Langlois, (413) 545-3621
Curriculum Vitae: Download Curriculum Vitae as an Adobe PDF Document

Selected Publications
Embedded System Modeling
Embedded System Security
Compilation Algorithms for VLIW Processors
FPGA Parallel Soft Processors
Reconfigurable Computing Applications
Computer-Aided Design Tools for FPGAs
Logic Emulation
FPGA Fault Tolerance and Test
Reconfigurable Computing Architecture
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