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Reconfigurable Computing Group
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Reconfigurable Computing Group
Reconfigurable Computing Group
The Reconfigurable Computing Group is under the direction of Professor Russell Tessier and focuses on a variety of topics in reconfigurable computing including CAD for FPGAs, adaptive systems on a chip, and adaptive implementations of communication coding in reconfigurable hardware.

Professor Russell Tessier
Russell Tessier
Professor and Department Head of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Massachusetts
134 Marston Hall
Amherst, MA 01003

Phone: (413) 545-6454
Admin. Assistant: Nancy Martinez
Curriculum Vitae: Download Curriculum Vitae as an Adobe PDF Document

Selected Publications
Embedded System Modeling
Embedded System Security
Compilation Algorithms for VLIW Processors
FPGA Parallel Soft Processors
Reconfigurable Computing Applications
Computer-Aided Design Tools for FPGAs
Logic Emulation
FPGA Fault Tolerance and Test
Reconfigurable Computing Architecture
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