The presentations are available as PDF files below:

09/05/2002: Introduction

09/10/2002: Computer Networks Overview

09/12/2002: Towards an Active Network Architecture (presented by Jayakrishnan K. Nair)

09/17/2002: Smart Packets: Applying Active Networks to Network Management (presented by Jinghua Hu)

09/19/2002: A Scalable High-Performance Active Network Node (presented by Jacky Chu)

09/24/2002: Active Reliable Multicast (presented by Youngsuk Jun)

09/26/2002: An Active Router Architecture for Multicast Video Distribution (presented by Hemant Kumar)

10/01/2002: Interoperability (presented by Ramshakar Ramanarayanan)

10/03/2002: Packet Languages for Programmable Networks (presented by Songlin Cai)

10/08/2002: Strong Security for Active Networks (presented by Jianhong Xia)

10/10/2002: Darwin: Customizable Resource Management for Value-Added Network Services (presented by Jinghua Hu)

10/17/2002: Enabling Conferencing Applications on the Internet using an Overlay Multicast Architecture (presented by Hemant Kumar)

10/29/2002: Active Pipes: Service Composition for Programmable Networks

11/05/2002: Processing Infrastructures for Active Networks

11/07/2002: Technology Trends and Developments

11/12/2002: Network Processors: IBM PowerNP and Intel IXP (presented by Youngsuk Jun)

11/14/2002: CommBench - A Telecommunications Benchmark for Network Processors (presented by Jianhong Xia)
                      A Benchmarking Suite for Network Processors

11/19/2002: Scheduling Computations on a Software-Based Router

11/21/2002: Dynamic Hardware Plugins: Exploiting Reconfigurable Hardware for High-Performance Programmable Routers (presented by Jayakrishnan K. Nair)

11/26/2002: A Methodology and Simulator for the Study of Network Processors

12/03/2002: Design Space Exploration of Network Processor Architectures

12/05/2002: Commercial Network Processors (presented by Jinghua Hu, Jianhong Xia, Jayakrishnan K. Nair, Hemant Kumar, Youngsuk Jun, and Ramaswamy Ramaswamy)

12/10/2002: Project Presentations

12/12/2002: Course Summary and Conlcusions

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