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Part I: Active Networks

Active Network Architectures

9/12/02:    David L. Tennenhouse and David J. Wetherall. Towards an active network architecture. Computer Communication Review, 26(2):5-18, April 1996.

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9/19/02:    Dan Decasper, Guru Parulkar, Sumi Choi, John DeHart, Tilman Wolf, and Bernhard Plattner. A scalable, high performance active network node. IEEE Network, 31(1):8-19, January 1999.

Active Network Applications

9/24/02:    Li-wei Lehman, Stephen J. Garland, and David L. Tennenhouse. Active reliable multicast. In Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM 98, pages 581-589, San Francisco, CA, April 1998.

9/26/02:    Ralph Keller, Sumi Choi, Dan Decasper, Marcel Dasen, George Frankenhauser, and Bernhard Plattner. An active router architecture for multicast video distribution. In Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM 2000, pages 1137-1146, Tel Aviv, Israel, March 2000.

Interoperability of Active Networks

10/01/02:    Larry Peterson, ed. NodeOS interface specification. Technical report, AN Node OS Working Group, November 2001.

10/01/02:    ABONE homepage

Safe and Secure Operation

10/03/02:    Michael Hicks, Pankaj Kakkar, Jonathan T. Moore, Carl A. Gunter, and Scott Nettles. PLAN: A packet language for active networks. In Proc. of the Third ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming Languages, pages 86-93. ACM, 1998.

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10/08/02:    Sandy Murphy, E. Lewis, R. Puga, R. Watson, and R. Yee. Strong security for active networks. In Proc. of IEEE OPENARCH 2001, Anchorage, AK, April 2001.

Routing, Signaling and Resource Management

10/10/02:    Prashant Chandra, Yang-Hua Chu, Allen Fisher, Jun Gao, Corey Kosak, T. S. Eugene Ng, Peter Steenkiste, Eduardo Takahashi, and Hui Zhang. Darwin: Customizable resource management for value-added network services. IEEE Network, 15(1):22-35, January 2001.

10/29/02:    Ralph Keller, Jeyashankher Ramamirtham, and Tilman Wolf. Active pipes: Program composition for programmable networks. In Proc. of the 2001 IEEE MILCOM, McLean, VA, October 2001.

Alternatives to Active Networks

10/15/02:    Yang-hua Chu, Sanjay G. Rao, Srinivasan Seshan, and Hui Zhang. Enabling conferencing applications on the internet using an overlay multicast architecture. In Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM 2001, pages 55-67, San Diego, CA, August 2001.

Part II: Network Processors

Commercial Network Processors

11/12/02:    Intel IXP2400 / IXP2800

11/12/02:    IBM PowerNP

12/05/02:    Motorola C-5E

12/05/02:    EZ-Chip NP-1

12/05/02:    Vitesse IQ2000

12/05/02:    AMCC nP7250

12/05/02:    Agere Payload Plus

12/05/02:    Cisco Toaster 2

12/05/02:    Lexra NetVortex PowerPlant

12/05/02:    Terago proNP 5010

Benchmarks for Network Processors

11/14/02:    Tilman Wolf and Mark A. Franklin. CommBench - a telecommunications benchmark for network processors. In Proc. of IEEE ISPASS, pages 154-162, Austin, TX, April 2000.

11/14/02:    Gokhan Memik, William H. Mangione-Smith, and Wendong Hu. NetBench: A benchmarking suite for network processors. In Proc. of International Conference on Computer-Aided Design, San Jose, CA, November 2001.


11/19/02:    Xiaohu Qie, Andy Bavier, Larry Peterson, and Scott Karlin. Scheduling computations on a software-based router. In Proc. IEEE SIGMETRICS, pages 13-24, Cambridge, MA, June 2001.

Programmable Logic

11/21/02:    David E. Taylor, Jonathan S. Turner, John W. Lockwood, and Edson L. Horta. Dynamic hardware plugins: Exploiting reconfigurable hardware for high-performance programmable routers. Computer Networks, 38(3):295-310, February 2002.

Simulation of Network Processors

11/26/02:    Deepak Suryanarayanan, Gregory T. Byrd, and John Marshall. A methodology and simulator for the study of network processors. In Network Processor Workshop in conjunction with HPCA-8, pages 18-29, Cambridge, MA, February 2002.

Performance Modeling and Design Space Exploration

12/03/02:    Lothar Thiele, Samarjit Chakraborty, Matthias Gries, and Simon Knzli. Design space exploration of network processor architectures. In Network Processor Workshop in conjunction with HPCA-8, pages 30-41, Cambridge, MA, February 2002.

Related Work

David Wetherall, Ulana Legedza, and John Guttag. Introducing new internet services: Why and how. IEEE Network, 12(3):12-19, May 1998.

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