UMass EWRE Program

Drinking Water & Water Quality Group

Thursday (mostly) Noon Research Meetings (~ 1 hr duration)

Date Name Topic Project/Funding
3/13 Soon-Mi Kim PPCPs in Septic Systems MASSTC
Kun Xiang Bromate Degradation in DS CSC Fellow
3/27 Patrick Wittbold PRAM for NOM characterization NYSERDA
Ran Zhao NOM hydrophobicity and precursors WRF 4422
4/10 Tao Wang Cyclodextrin assisted ozonation CSC Fellow
Aarthi Mohan Halobenzoquinines  
4/24 Rassil Sayess Total Organic Iodide Philly DBPs
Brendan Avery Catskill Aqueduct Disinfectant Kinetics NYC Cat Aqueduct
5/15 Megan Dutra Aldehydes in Bedford  
Claire Chen Nano  
5/29 Yanjun Jiang Ferrate Decomposition & DBPs EPA Ferrate
Joe Goodwill Ferrate and Mn Control EPA Ferrate
6/5 Yun Yu (Rosa) Haloacetamides in Water MHD Scholar
Arianne Bazilio DBP Control in AWC Plants Aquarion

Notes on the group meetings: These are not held every week, but on average every other week. Some are on consecutive weeks to accomodate travel schedules. These are informal and normally take place in the Kellogg Room. The intent is to provide guidance to the student researchers, brainstorm about research problems, and give the researchers practice in communicating their work. Those presenting should prepare a 20-25 minute talk with minimal background and introductory information (most in this group will be aware of this), a little on non-standard methods. The main focus should be on results, interpretations and plans for new experiments over the coming weeks. All should be prepared to offer advice and criticisms. All group researchers (those listed above) should attend and participate in all meetings. Others interested in water treatment and water quality are invited to attend and participate in discussions. For past schedules see archive page.


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