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            The Groundwater Management Group develops modeling tools for the analysis, design and operation of groundwater systems.  These tools are in the form of computer programs that combine groundwater simulation models with optimization methods.  Research areas include development of algorithms and formulations, numerical analysis of process interfaces and demonstration and application of the methods.  The Groundwater Management Group is led by Prof. David Ahlfeld who has worked in the area of groundwater management modeling at the University of Connecticut (1988-98) and the University of Massachusetts (1998-present).

            Groundwater management models formulate problems in an optimization framework.  Decision variables are defined.  Constraints on the value of the decision variables are imposed. An objective function that may depend on decision variables and on system state is created.  Decision variables might include imposed stresses, such as the pumping rates at wells, or aspects of aquifer system state, such as baseflow to streams.  Objective functions may minimize cost, maximize water availability or minimize ecological impact.  The resulting optimization problem may be difficult to solve because of the implicit coupling with models that simulate the groundwater system.

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