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On-line NOM Characterization

Advanced Techniques for Controlling DBPs and for Monitoring Changes in NOM under Future Climate Change Scenarios

UMass Research Team: Dave Reckhow PI, Ran Zhao (Grad RA), Patrick Wittbold (Grad RA)

The purpose of this research project is to evaluate the effectiveness of a dynamic on-line monitoring strategy and response system that can be used to detect subtle changes in the character and amount of natural organic matter (and its effect on disinfection byproduct formation potential) that can occur during “normal weather”, extreme weather events, and under future climate change scenarios.  Typical monitoring information such as total or dissolved organic carbon and UV254 absorbance measurements is useful, but often not sufficient.  Thus, the monitoring protocols and techniques evaluated in this study are expected to provide monitoring tools that result in a more robust, sensitive analysis of DBPFP for influent waters. 

This project is funded through Water Research Foundation's Emerging Opportunities Program (grant #4422) and the City of New York Department of Environmental Protection. The prime contractor is Hazen & Sawyer.

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