UMass EWRE Program

Background Literature on DBPs


This intended to be a source for researchers interested in disinfection byprdoucts, especially those who wish to write journal articles, theses and dissertations on the subject. The area is divided into:

Reviews - General Occurrence - Regulated DBPs - Non-regulated DBPs - Precursors - Treatment

- Residual Decay -Biodegradation - Abiotic Degradation - Models - Indoor - Methods - Health Effects

In each case major publications and unpublished summaries are directly linked to this page. Where substantial primary literature exists in focused journal articles, these are accessed through a secondary link.




General Occurrence Studies (full literature)

General Occurrence Data

DBP Formation: Focus on Regulated DBPs

Bromate (Full Literature)

Non-regulated DBPs: mostly occurrence, formation and analysis (Full Literature)

Ozonation DBPs (Full Literature)



Treatment for DBP Control

Residual Decay and Modeling


Bacterial Growth and Biodegradation in Distribution Systems (full literature)


Abiotic Degradation (full literature)

Indoor DBPs; Heating, Volatilization and Exposure (full literature)

Models (full literature)

Analytical Methods (full literature)

Health Effects (full literature)


Some UMass Projects Involving DBPs