“Control of Manganese, Natural Organic Matter and Disinfection By-Products for Mystic, CT”

Principal Investigators: John E. Tobiason, David A. Reckhow

Sponsors: Aquarion Water Company of CT

Duration: 04/06 – 05/08

Synopsis: Field, pilot and bench-scale investigations to optimize control of Mn removal while minimizing formation of disinfection by-products at the Deans Mill (surface water) and Lantern Hill (groundwater) drinking water treatment plants near Mystic, CT.

Graduate Students: Allan Briggs (MS EVE ’06), Jill Russell (MS EVE ’07), Anjuman Islam (PhD ’10)

Status: Ongoing

AWC Mystic Lantern Hill WTP

Additional Comments: This study follows a prior five-year project, “Distribution System Water Quality Modeling and Strategies for Control of Natural Organic Matter and Disinfection By-Products” focused on the Aquarion Water Company plants in the Bridgeport and Stamford CT areas.

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