Scientific Literature on NYC Watersheds


Multiple Reservoirs

Cannonsville Reservoir

General Papers


Special L&RM Issue - September 1998

  1. Effler & Bader, "A Limnological Analysis of Cannonsville Reservoir"
  2. Owens et al., "Hydrologic Analysis and Model Development"
  3. Owens, "Thermal and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Cannonsville Reservoir"
  4. Owens, "Identification and Analysis of Hydrodynamic and Transport Characteristics of Cannonsville Reservoir"
  5. Owens, "Development and Testing of One-Dimensional Hydrothermal Models of Cannonsville Reservoir"
  6. Gelda et al., "Calibration, Verification, and an Application of a Two-Dimensional Hydrothermal Model for Cannonsville Reservoir"
  7. Longabucco & Rafferty, "Analysis of Material Loading to Cannonsville Reservoir: Advantages of Event-Based Sampling"
  8. Effler & Brooks, "Gradients adn Dynamics in Downward Flux and Settling Velocity in Cannonsville Reservoir"
  9. Effler et al., "Sediment Resuspension in Cannonsville Reservoir"
  10. Effler et al., "The Optical Water Quality of Cannonsville Reservoir Spatial and Temporal Patterns, and the Relative Roles of Phytoplankton and Inorganic Tripton"
  11. Effler et al., "Turbidity and Particle Signatures Imparted by Runoff Events in Ashokan Reservoir"
  12. Erickson & Auer, "Chemical Exchange at the Sediment Water Interface of Cannonsville Reservoir"
  13. Auer et al., "Phosphorus Bioavailability and P-Cycling in Cannonsville Reservoir"
  14. Auer & Forrer, "Development and Parameterization of Kinetic Frameworks for Modeling Light- and Phosphorus-Limited Phytoplankton Growth in Cannonsville Reservoir"
  15. Doerr et al., "Development and Testing of a Nutrient-Phytoplankton Model for Cannonsville Reservoir"
  16. Owens et al., "A Strategy for Reservoir Model Forecasting Based on Historic Meteorological Conditions"
  17. Effler et al., "Charcteristics and Origins of Metalimnetic Dissolved Oxygen Minima in a Eutrophic Reservoir"
  18. Stepczuk et al., "Allochthonous Contributions of THM Precursors in a Eutrophic Reservoir"
  19. Stepczuk et al., "Spatial and Temporal Patterns of THM Precursors in a Eutrophic Reservoir"
  20. Stepczuk et al., "A Modeling Analysis of THM Precursors for a Eutrophic Reservoir"
  21. Bagley et al., "Sources and Fate of Giardia Cysts and Cryptosporidium Oocysts in Surface Waters"
  22. Auer et al., "A Framework for Modeling the Fate and Transport of Giardia and Cryptosporidium in Surface Waters"

Schoharie Reservoir

Neversink Reservoir



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