Water Research Foundation (formerly AWWARF) Projects


PIs: Reckhow, Tobiason, Edzwald, MH Park, C Park, Arcaro, Rosenfeldt
Students: Many

The purposes of these studies has been varied, but most have concerned DBPs, NOM, oxidants and PPCPs. Several of these were tailored collaborations with drinking water utilities and others were submited in response to a specific RFP.

Funded Research Projects

Book Projects Supported by WRF

  • Ozone in Water Treatment: Application and Engineering, (1991); Langlais, B.R., D.A. Reckhow and D.R. Brink, Editors, , Lewis Publishers, Chelsea , MI (1991) ISBN 9780873714747.
  • Organic Byproducts of Concern Produced by Drinking Water Treatment, (2017); M. Suffet, Z. Do Quang, A. Bruchet and D. Khiari, Editors (WRF project #4039)

Participating Water Utilities on WRF Projects


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