UMass EWRE Program

CEE 684 - Environmental Reaction Kinetics

(Formerly CEE 697K) This course examines the rates and kinetics of a range of chemical and biological systems important to Environmental Engineers. These systems are limited to the aqueous phase at atmospheric pressure and near ambient temperature. The fundamentals of kinetic theory are briefly covered. Mathematic simulation of kinetic systems and analysis of kinetic data are examined. For more see the Syllabus. For detailed content and schedule click on the link below.

Class Schedule & Slides

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Additional course information and links are:

    1. Homeworks

    2. Lab Projects (Bromide) (DCP)

    3. Useful Literature (Chloramine Models & Biodegration)

    4. Aquasim Program & Resources

    5. Chemical Data & Property Estimation

    6. Some Useful Kinetic Data