EWRE Reports to Massachusetts Division of Water Pollution Control

EVE series: 1969-73, 1974-77, 1978-82, 1983-86, 1987-1990; others

Massachusetts was a national leader in water quality and environmental protection even before the creation of the US EPA in 1970. Recognizing the strong academic traditions in New England, the Massachusetts Division of Water Pollution Control (MDWPC, later incorporated into DEQE/DEP) began a sponsored research program that ran from the late 1960s through the early 1990s. This forward-thinking initiative helped to save the Commonwealth millions of dollars on municipal and state projects (mostly involving water and wastewater), and it helped to grow the next generation of environmental professionals

The UMass EWRE (originally EVE) group was heavily involved in this effort, including the research and deomonstration projects and a number of independent studies. Most of the work done by EWRE for MDWPC is documented in the project reports below.


EVE # Title Date Authors
7-68-1 Source Control of Water Treatment Waste Solids, 1st Annual Report Apr-68 Adrian, Lutin, Nebiker
8-68-2 Dewatering of Sewage Sludge on Granular Materials May-68 Nebiker
11-68-5 Sludge Dewatering by Centrifugation Sep-68 Ray, Nebiker, Adrian
13-69-1 Source Control of Water Treatment Waste Solids, 2nd Annual Report Mar-69 Adrian, Nebiker
14-69-2 Source Control of Water Treatment Waste Solids, Third Report Mar-69 Adrian, Nebiker
15-69-3 Low pressure ultrafiltration systems for wastewater contaminant removal Mar-69 Skrinde, Feng, Lutin, Short
19-69-7 The Effect and Regulation of Wastewater Residence Time in Sewers Oct-69 O'Toole, Adrian
20-69-8 Digital Computer Simulation of Wastewater Treatment Oct-69 Cummings, Adrian
24-70-4 Water Treatment Sludge Drying and Drainage on Sand Beds Aug-70 Clark
25-70-5 Stochastic Population Dynamics for Regional Water Supply and Waste Management Decision-Making Aug-70 Meier
26-71-1 Digital Computer Simulation of Water and Wastewater Sludge Dewatering on Sand Beds Jul-71 Lo
27-71-2 Application of Image Theory to Mixing in Streams Dec-71 Cochrane, Adrian
28-72-1 Studies on the Acute Toxicity of Two-Cycle Outboard Motor Exhausts to Selected Fish Species Sep-72 Kuzminski, Ghan, Roberts
29-72-2 Interaction of Outboard Motors with the Aquatic Environment Causative Factors and Effects Jun-72 Kuzminski, Jackivicz
29-73-1 Lime Treatment of Domestic Wastewater in an Upflow Clarifier Jan-73 Foess, DiGiano, Barbini, Burgess
31-73-2 Identification and Fate of Organic Compounds Emitted From Outboard Motor Subsurface Exhausts Apr-73 Kuzminski, Jackivicz, Bancroft
32-73-3 Relationship Between Trophic State and Chemical Parameters In Sediment-Water Systems of Selected Western Massachusetts Lakes Feb-73 Snow, DiGiano
33-73-4 Simulation of Control Alternatives for Combined Sewer Overflows Apr-73 Ray
37-73-8 Heavy Metals in the Water and Sediment of Lakes in Western Massachusetts I. Arsenic Nov-73 Kuzminski, Stine



EVE # Title Date Authors
38-74-1 A Study on the Fate of Lead Emitted From Two-Cycle Outboard Motor Subsurface Exhausts Jan-74 Kuzminski, Mulcahy
39-74-2 Heavy Metals in the Water and Sediment of Lakes in Western Massachusetts II. Copper Jan-74 Kuzminski, Grier
40-74-3 Heavy Metals in the Water and Sediment of Lakes in Western Massachusetts III. Lead Jan-74 Kuzminski, Hogan
41-74-4 The Effects of Outboard Motor Subsurface Exhausts on the Sensory Properties of Recipient Water Feb-74 Kuzminski, Lake, Sawyer
42-74-5 The Effects of Outboard Motor Subsurface Exhausts on the Growth Characteristics of Two Common Freshwater Algal Species Feb-74 Kuzminski, Fredette
43-74-6 Studies on the Acute Toxicity of Two-Cycle Outboard Motor Exhausts to Selected Benthic Invertebrates Jan-74 Kuzminski, Jackivicz, Nutting
44-74-7 Addition of Polymers and Lime for Phosphorus Removal in Raw Domestic Wastewater Mar-74 Fahey, DiGiano, Foess
44-74-9 Pilot Plant Studies of Wastewater Chemical Clarification Using Alum Dec-74 Martel, DiGiano, Pariseau
45-75-1 Equilibrium Adsorption of Inorganic Phosphate by Lake Sediments Jan-75 Ku, Feng
46-75-2 Pilot Plant Studies of Wastewater Chemical Clarification Using Lime May-75 Martel, DiGiano, Pariseau
49-75-3 The Stabilization of Septage by High Dosages of Chlorine Jun-75 Feng, Shieh
50-75-4 Combined Treatment of Septage with Municipal Wastewater By Complete Mixing Activated Sludge Process I. Batch Reactors Jun-75 Feng, Li
51-75-5 Gravity Thickening of Activated Sludge Jun-75 Donovan, Buckley, Kos, Feng
53-76-1 Application of a Sludge Gravity Thickening Model Jan-76 Mulcahy, Kos, Adrain, Feng
53-76-2 A Kinetic Analysis of Ammonia Removal by Chloramine Conversion of Activated Carbon Jun-76 Scaramelli, DiGiano
54-76-3 Mathematical Modeling of Phosphorus Exchange Between Sediments and Overlying Water in Shallow Eutrophic Lakes Sep-76 Snow, DiGiano
55-77-1 A Pilot Plant Evaluation of Nitrification in Fixed-Growth Reactors Feb-77 Schwarz, DiGiano
56-77-2 Phosphorus Removal in Extended Aeration Systems by Chemical Precipitation Jul-77 Martel, DiGiano, Pariseau
57-77-3 The Effects of Sanitary Landfill Leachate on Algal Growth Apr-77 Walker, Adrian



EVE # Title Date Authors
58-78-1 Kinetics of Simultaneous Diffusion and Reaction for the Nitrification Process in Suspended Growth Systems Jun-78 Shieh, La Motta
59-78-2 Mathematical Model of the Fluidized Bed Biofilm Reactor Aug-78 Mulcahy, La Motta
60-78-3 Leachate Reactions With Soils Under Anaerobic Conditions Sep-78 Tirsch, Jennings
62-78-5 Chemical Treatment of Septage Oct-78 Tawa, Feng
63-78-6 Effect of Aerator Size on the Performance of Activated Sludge Process at Outdoor Temperatures Dec-78 Feng, Li
64-79-1 Acute Toxicity of Chlorine-Stabilized Domestic Wastewater Sludges to Fathead Minnows Nov-79 Grose, Feng
65-80-1 Mathematical Modeling of Recovery of a Eutrophic Lake Dec-80 Bingham, Feng
66-81-1 The Water Pollution Potential From Demolition-Waste Disposal Dec-81 Ferguson, Male
67-81-2 Sanitary Landfill Leachate Collection and Treatment Proceedings from the 1977 Symposium University of Massachusetts, Amherst Dec-81 Jennings
68-82-1 Bench Scale Studies of Leachate Treatment By Land Application To a Forest Soil Feb-82 Drake, Adrian, Mader
69-82-2 The Role of Algae in The Biological Treatment of Sanitary Landfill Leachate Feb-82 Johnson
70-83-1 The Effects of Temperature and Nutrient-Limitation on an Anaerobic Film Expanded Bed Reactor Treating a High Strength Waste Dec-82 Kelly, Switzenbaum



EVE # Title Date Authors
71-83-2 Establishment of an Algal Assay Laboratory and Presentation of Several Case Studies Using AA:BT Data May-83 Plotkin, Ram
72-83-3 Acute Toxicity Tests: General Description and Materials and Methods Manual I. Fish Apr-83 Plotkin, Ram
72-83-3A Variability in LC50 Values Determined by Flow-through Vs. Static Fish Toxicity Testing Procedures Aug-83 Ram, Williams, Sheehan
73-83-4 Acute Toxicity Tests: General Description and Materials and Methods Manual II. Daphnia Aug-83 Plotkin, Ram
74-83-5 Technical Report Landfill Leachate and Infiltration Bed Contamination of Shallow Unconfined Aquifers Jul-86 Ostendorf, Noss, Lederer
75-83-6 Dewatering of Sewage Sludge on Granular Coal Aug-83 Marchaj, Switzenbaum
76-83-7 Anaerobic Treatment of Municipal Wastewater Nov-84 Switzenbaum, Sheehan, Hickey
77-83-8 Establishment of a Microtox Laboratory and Presentation of Several Case Studies Using Microtox Data Apr-84 Sheehan, Sellers, Ram
78-83-9 A Mathematical Model of Phosphorus in Completely Mixed Lakes with Special Application to Lake Warner, Massachusetts Oct-83 Havis, Adrian, Noss, Ostendorf
79-83-10 Technical Report The Feasibility of Variable Flow Discharge Permits for Wastewater Treatment Plants Oct-83 Gladstone, Noss
80-83-11 Field Monitoring and Description of the Adams, MA Landfill Leachate Plume Apr-85 Johnson, Noss
81-83-12 Computerized Monthly Wastewater Treatment Plant Reporting Oct-84 Noss, Ruh, Lautz
82-83-13 Wastewater Management Alternatives for Rural Lakefront Communities Jan-85 Chappell
86-85-3 Evaluation of the Microtox Analyzer for Assessment of Sediment Toxicity Mar-85 Atkinson, Ram, Switzenbaum
87-85-4 Technical Report Effects of Support Media and Media Precoating on Anaerobic Biofilm Development May-85 Scheuer, Switzenbaum



EVE # Title Date Authors
91-86-2 Technical Report Biological Phosphorus Removal Using a Fixed Film Batch Reactor Aug-86 Komisar, Switzenbaum
92-86-3 Technical Report Methods for Biological Phosphorus Removal: The Potential for Application in Massachusetts Jan-87 Richardson, Switzenbaum
93-87-1 Technical Report Development of An Alternative Phosphorus-Solubilization Procedure for Algal Assay Wastewater Analysis Jan-89 Green
94-87-2 Technical Report Attachment and Early Biofilm Development of Methane-Forming Microbial Cultures May-87 Robins, Switzenbaum
95-87-3 Technical Report Casper: A Computer-Assisted Performance Evaluation and Reporting System For Monitoring Publicly-Owned Treatment Works Jul-87 Lautz, Noss
96-87-4 Technical Report Septic System Maintenance Management Jun-87 Billa, Noss
97-87-5 Technical Report Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Models for Regional Ground Water Quality Control: with Western Cape Cod Case Study Mar-88 Hatfield, Noss
100-87-8 Joint Action of Toxicant Mixtures on Daphnids Literature Review Aug-87 Parks
101-87-9 Technical Report Predicting Algal Growth Stimulatory Properties of Treated Wastewater Aug-87 Wagner, Switzenbaum
102-88-1 Technical Report Sediment Core Samplers May-88 Billa, Ostendorf
103-88-2 Interim Report Literature Review Variation of Heavy Metals Concentration in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludges Jan-88 Bacon
104-88-3 Technical Report An Assessment of the Microtox Toxicity Analyzer as a Screening Test For Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plant Influents Nov-88 McGrath, Switzenbaum
105-89-1 Technical Report Appendix Modeling the Fate of Aluminum in a Watershed Under Acidified Conditions (Computer Programming and Data) Nov-86 McAvoy, Male
105-89-1 Technical Report Modeling the Fate of Aluminum in a Watershed Under Acidified Conditions Nov-86 McAvoy, Male
107-89-3 Technical Report Statistical Analysis of Water Quality Excursions Oct-89 Male, Soucie
108-89-4 Technical Report Variation of Heavy Metals Concentrations in Municipal Sludge and Sludge Compost Nov-89 Bacon, Switzenbaum
109-90-1 Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide as Early Warning Indicators of Upsets in Anaerobic Digestion  Aug-90 Giraldo, Norgren, Switzenbaum
110-90-2 Technical Report Low-Level Preozonation and Organohalide Formation in Municipal Wastewater Effluents Aug-89 Lehan, Reckhow


Other Reports

Title Date Authors
Algal Growth Potential of Secondary Treated Wastewater Effluent Jan-82 Austin
Predicting the Algal Stimulatory Properties of Wastewater Effluent Jun-82 Ram, Austin
Diagnostic Testing of Efficiency by Computerization of Treatment Reports Jan-83 Ruh
Wastewater Management Alternatives for Rural Lakefront Communities Jan-84 Griffin, Noss
Landfill Leachate Migration Through Shallow Unconfined Aquifers 1984 Ostendorf, Noss, Lederer
Modeling Contamination of Shallow Unconfined Aquifers Through Infiltration Beds 1985 Ostendorf
Technical Report Chemical Conditioning of Municipal Wastewater Sludges Using Polyaluminum Chloride Dec-85 Santos, Edzwald
Microtox Toxicity Analysis Short Course Jan-86 Wagner, Atkinson
Design of a Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Program Aug-86 Godfrey, Edzwald et al.
An Analytical Transport Model of the Carbonate System in the Subsurface Environment Feb-87 Popielarczyk
Assessment of the Microtox Bioassay as a Predictor for Anaerobic Bacterial Toxicity Sep-87 Atkinson 
Cleanup of Localized Groundwater Contamination Using Polymer Injection Sep-87 Rao
Attachment and Early Biofilm Development of Methane-Forming Anaerobic Microbial Cultures Feb-88 Robins
Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Models For Regional Groundwater Quality Control Feb-88 Hatfield
The Response of Acetate Utilizing Methanogens to Toxics in Terms of Intermediate and Product Gases Feb-89 Norgren 
Variation of Heavy Metals Concentrations in Municipal Sludge and Sludge Compost Feb-89 Bacon
Investigation of the Effect of Selected Toxicants on the Behavior of Intermediate Gases in Anaerobic Digestion May-89 Giraldo-Gomez
Removal of Dox and Dox Precursors in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants Sep-89 Hull
Activated Sludge Bulking Handbook May-90 Switzenbaum, Plante, Woodworth
Activated Sludge Bulking in Massachusetts: The Magnitude of the Problem and an Engineering Evaluation of Remedial Control Measures May-90 Woodworth
Solving Sludge Bulking Problems Through Filamentous Organism Identification: Case Studies in Massachusetts May-90 Plante
Changes and Variability in Concentration of Heavy Metals in Sewage Sludge During Composting 1990 Wagner, Bacon, Knocke, Switzenbaum
Technical Report Trace Organics in Composted Sewage Sludge Part1. Literature Review Jul-94 Morin, Switzenbaum
Technical Report Trace Organics in Composted Sewage Sludge Part2. Survey Jul-94 Morin, Switzenbaum
Technical Report Correlation Between Traditional Stability Parameters of Compost to Turfgrass Toxicity Effects Jul-95 Cardenas, Switzenbaum
A Survey of Massachusetts Biosolids Compost Operations; Concerning Pathogen Indicator Levels and Regrowth Potential Aug-95 Weir
Draft Version Activated Sludge Bulking Handbook none Switzenbaum, Plante, Woodworth
UMass Analytical Methods for Algal Assay none  


Additional Background:

The MDWPC grants were key to the early growth and success of the UMass Environmental Engineering Program. They supported a substantial expansion of the Master's program thereby helping to meet the growing regional and national need for environmental engineers. In addition, the MDWPC grants were instrumental in establishing the UMass Wastewater Pilot Plant (WWPP) on the west side of campus. With these funds, Dr. Gerald W. Foess was hired in June 1970 to serve as research coordinator for the MDWPC grants, and oversaw the design and construction of the WWPP. Following Gerry's departure in 1973, a series of Research Engineers were hired to help administer the MDWPC grants and to provide general laboratory assistance. Among these were Jim Martel, Kevin Sheehan and Dan Wagner.




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