Massachusetts Division of Water Pollution Control Research and Demonstration Grants


In 1969, the Massachusetts Division of Water Pollution Control (MDWPC, later incorporated into DEQE/DEP) entered into an agreement with the Environmental Engineering Program (EVE) at UMass to fund a series of projects over a 3-year period. This agreement continued through 1989. The topics were selected by MDWPC personnel from a list of pre-proposals offered by the EVE faculty. Topics were generally restricted to wastewater and pollution in natural aquatic systems.





  • Pilot Plant Studies of Sludge Handling (76-10-1; Feng, PI);
  • Pilot Plant Studies on Biological Nitrification-Denitrification (76-10-1; LaMotta, PI); students: Nicole Letendre
  • Kinetics of Nitrification in the Activated Sludge Process (LaMotta, PI), student: Wen Kang Shieh
  • Effect of Particle Size on the Kinetics of Substrate Uptake by Activated Sludge (LaMotta, PI); student: Eileen Conley
  • Mathematical Model of the Fluidized Bed Biofilm Reactor (76-10-1; LaMotta, PI), Leo Mulcahy
  • Evaluation of Clinoptilolite as Support Media for Nitrifiers in the Fluidized Bed Biofilm Reactor (LaMotta, PI), Student: William Evans, John Buydos
  • Factors Controlling Biofilm Development (LaMotta, PI), student: John Buydos
  • Kinetics of Algal Growth in Sanitary Landfill Leachate (LaMotta, PI); student: Elizabeth Johnson
  • Land Treatment of Wastewater and Sludge (76-10(1); Adrian, PI)
  • Nonpoint Pollution Loadings from Urban Runoff and Landfills - continuation (76-10(2); Adrian, PI; Male, Co-PI), students: Peter Kos, Paul Walker
  • Water Quality Modeling in Lakes (76-10-3; Feng, PI)
  • Nitrogen Removal by Modifications of the Biological Process and by Physical-Chemical Treatment (DiGiano and LaMotta, PIs)

1980-1983 (Adrian, Lead PI)




Additional Background:

The MDWPC grants were key to the early growth and success of the UMass Environmental Engineering Program. It supported a substantial expansion of the Master's program thereby helping to meet the growing regional and national need for environmental engineers. In addition, the MDWPC grants were instrumental in establishing the UMass Wastewater Pilot Plant (WWPP) on the west side of campus. With these funds, Dr. Gerald W. Foess was hired in June 1970 to serve as research coordinator for the MDWPC grants, and oversaw the design and construction of the WWPP. Following Gerry's departure in 1973, a series of Research Engineers were hired to help administer the MDWPC grants and to provide general laboratory assistance. Among these were Jim Martel, Kevin Sheehan and Dan Wagner.

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