Groundwater Pollution Research Studies

Massachusetts Division of Water Pollution Control, 1980-1983

PIs: Noss & Ostendorf
Students: Evan Johnson, David Lederer

Proposals, Plans and Reports

Jounal Publications based on this work

Conference presentations based on this work

  • Ostendorf, D.W., (1985) "Unconfined Aquifer Contamination by Waste Lagoons", proceedings of the NWWA Conference on Practical Applications of Groundwater Models, pp.278-289
  • Noss, R.R. and Johnson, E.T. (1984) "Field Monitoring of the Adams MA Landfill Leachate Plume", Proceedings of the Fourth National Symposium on Aquifer Restoration and Groundwater Monitoring, May 23-25, 1984

Theses/Dissertations based on this work

  • Lederer, D.O. "An Analytical Model of Contaminant Migration in Shallow Aquifers" MS Thesis 1983
  • Johnson, E.T. "Field Monitoring and Description of the Adams MA Landfill Leachate Plume", MS Thesis 1984





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