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Golden Hill Road Bridge
Original Location: Lee, Massachusetts
Current Location: UMass Amherst
Current Condition: In storage
Year: 1885
Manufacturer: Berlin Iron Bridge Co.
Span: 76 feet
Material: Wrought iron
Classification: Lenticular pony truss
Bridge Image

The Golden Hill Road Bridge originally spanned accross the Housatonic River in Lee, Massachusetts. Although there were once hundreds of lenticular truss bridges in New England, these bridges are now rare. This bridge was manufacturd by the Berlin Iron Bridge Company of East Berlin, Connecticut.

It is estimated that the Berlin Iron Bridge Company built over 600 iron truss bridges in the late 1800s. Many of those bridges have since been decomissioned and removed. Today, only about 50 of the Berlin Iron Bridge Company's projects remain. Learn more about the Berlin Iron Bridge Company in this article written by Dr. Alan J. Lutenegger.

In the Documentation section below you will find a Google Earth file that depicts the bridge as it might someday look. In the file the bridge is set up to span the drainage ditch on the University Drive side of the practice fields.


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