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Investigation of Pre-Ozonation and Biologically Active Filtration

SCCRWA, 1/1/1991-12/31/1991

PIs: Tobiason, Reckhow & Switzenbaum

This work was done cooperatively between UMass and the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority during the year 1991.



Proposal, Plans and Reports

  • Workplan

Project Data

  • Run #5 () Graphs:
  • Run #6 (5/12/91) Graphs:
  • Run #7 () Graphs:
  • Run #8 () Graphs:
  • Runs #5-9 Summary: Tables: DBPs; Graphs:


Conference presentations based on this work

Theses/Dissertations based on this work


Additional Background: For other research projects between UMass and RWA or AWC click here.




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