A better dining experience
Dining halls have inefficient “first come, first served” seating - problem during busy times. Patrons must commit and pay for entry before knowing state of seating. Leads to congested walkways with patrons spending unnecessary time searching for seats. Wastes patron’s time and lowers efficiency of dining hall staff that need to use walkways.

Patron Needs 
  • Be able to efficiently locate seating at dining halls 
  • Be able to know seating status of entire dining hall at a glance 
Dining Hall Needs 
  • Adaptation to system should be simple and painless  
  • Be able to implement a cost effective, easy to maintain system 

Three main components 
  • Camera system with imaging and thermal sensing mounted on ceiling 
  • Small interactive unit on the table with which patrons interact 
  • Phone app  
Three clients to keep in mind 
  • Patrons who use our app (referred to as Users) 
  • Patrons who do not (referred to as Non-Users) 
  • Dining hall staff 

Professor Tilman Wolf
This is Prof. Wolf. He is Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 
Prof. Wolf is engaged in research and teaching in the areas of computer networks, cybersecurity, and embedded systems.
He is responsible to guide this team to their final goal.
Dennis Donoghue 
I am a senior computer systems engineering student, programmer, and athlete. I am the secretary of the UMASS BJJ club and I am largely responsible for database management and app development for this project. I enjoy reading, improving my skills, and challenging my beliefs.
Kristina Georgadarellis
I am a Umass Amherst undergraduate pursing a bachelor’s in electrical engineering. My interests are analog circuit design and communication systems. I am responsible for the Sky Unit operations and the table localization element of this system.
Matthew Donnelly
I'm an electrical engineering student pursuing my bachelor's degree. I have interests in microwave engineering, and am responsible for communication and integration of the Sky unit with the rest of the system.
Aarsh Jain
I am a student at Umass Amherst pursuing electrical engineering. I like to work with embedded systems and hardware. I am responsible for the interaction and network management of the Table Unit of this system.
System Information
System Specifications
  • Allows Users to search for available seats by party size through app 
  • Users will receive response from app within 2 seconds 
  • System will generate a depiction of table locations accurate to ½ table length 
  • For parties up to the size of the largest table, achieve 90% success in finding seats correctly if available 
  • Function in dining rooms of several hundred seats 
  • Table unit is splash resistant and low maintenance 
  • System accommodates Non-Users 

Preliminary Design Report
This is a link to our PDR slides to look at the early stages of the project.
Mid-Semester Design Report
This is a link to MDR slide to look at the first generation of working sub-systems.
Draft Report
The draft report is a guide through the project with all specifications.
Final Report
The final report describes the whole project in detail.