If you are hearing impaired, having a conversation in a noisy room can be tough. Some people talk too loudly, some people talk too softly, and background noise can make everyone unintelligible. Your standard hearing aid amplifies it all the same.

Earbeamer offers you precise control over what your hearing aid amplifies, on a person-by-person basis.

Trying to listen to your soft-spoken granddaughter? Turn her up.

Is your son-in-law across the room talking too loudly? Turn him down.

With Earbeamer, you hear exactly what you want to hear.

How it Works

Earbeamer uses a signal-processing technique known as beamforming to electronically steer a stationary array of microphones to a target. By performing beamforming in parallel, we can isolate audio streams for multiple people in the room.

We use an XBox Kinect to automatically identify and aim the beamformer for you, so that you can focus on the conversation. You can control the amplification for each target through our iPhone application.

The Team

Aaron Lucia

Computer Systems Engineering

Niket Gupta

Computer Systems Engineering

Matteo Puzella

Electrical Engineering

Nathan Dunn

Computer Systems Engineering