Demonstration Plant Studies on Nutrient Removal from Wastewater by Primary Treatment

Massachusetts Division of Water Pollution Control, 1970-1973

PIs: Feng & DiGiano
Students: Richard Barbini, Paul Burgess, Richard Fahey, Robert Burke
project 15-51450

This was one of the first research projects to make use of the newly-constructed UMass wastewater pilot plant. Chemical clarification of raw municipal wastewater was the main focus. The investigators made use of a Permutit pilot-scale upflow clarifier at flow rates up to 12 gpm.


Proposals, Plans and Reports

Jounal Publications based on this work

Conference presentations based on this work

Theses/Dissertations based on this work

  • Burgess, Paul D., "Operation of an Upflow Clarifier with Lime Coagulation to Remove Phosphorus and Organics from Domestic Sewage", MS Thesis, 1973
  • Fahey, Richard J., "Addition of Polymers and Lime for Phosphorus Removal in Raw Domestic Waste Water", MS Thesis, 1974
  • Burke, Robert, "Phosphorus Removal in Extended Aeration Treatment by the Addition of Alum", MS Thesis, 1973.




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