· Cache Demonstrator
· Cache-TLB Simulator (Java Applet)
· Cache Transient Reloads
· Victim Cache Simulator (Java Applet)
· Selective Victim Cache Simulator (Java Applet)
· Dual Cache Simulator (Java Applet)
· XOR Cache Simulator (Java Applet)
· Page Replacement Policies Demo (Javascript)
· New Page Replacement Policies (Java Applet)
· Virtual Memory Simulator (Java Applet)
· Memory Interleaving Demo (Java Applet)
. · Pipelining (w & w/o forwarding)
· Pipelining (Static vs. Dynamic scheduling) (Java Applet)
· Scoreboarding
· Tomasulo's algorithm (Java Applet)
· Tomasulo's algorithm (Javascript)
· Reorder Buffer
· Loop Unrolling
· Reservation Table Analyzer
· The SimpleScalar simulator
· The M-Sim (Multi-threaded) simulator
. · Branch Prediction (Java Applet)
· Branch Target Buffer (Java Applet)
· RAID Tutorial
· Vector Processor Simulation (Java Applet)
· Transaction Processing Example
· VLIW Tutorial
· Cache Energy Estimator
· Disk Scheduling for Energy
· Scheduling Real-Time Tasks for Energy
· Energy and Temperature of I-Cache configurations

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