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Adaptive Use Bridge Project


The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst would like to welcome you to the Adaptive Use Bridge Project website. This website is designed to be an educational tool for engineering students and instructors. We hope to provide developing engineers with reliable data from actual material and structural tests.

We encourage visitors to interact with the data provided on this site and compare it to their own engineering course work and research. As the team performs more data collection and research, our results will be added to this website. Questions and comments regarding the information available on this site are welcome and can be answered via email.

-The Adaptive Use Bridge Project Team


Recent News

Virginia Tech. historic bridge testing - January 11, 2010

Prof. Cris Moen and students conduct load testing on oldest truss bridge in Virginia.

North Chester Village Bridge Set Up on Temporary Foundations - July 20, 2009

With the help of an excavator, the North Chester Village Bridge is now upright once again. Click to see pictures and a video of the project.

Southern Vermont (1906) Bridge Ready for Load Test - July 22, 2009

Sean, Johnny, and Randy have attached ten strain gages to the Southern Vermont (1906) Bridge and wired them to a terminal box mounted to the bridge decking. Click here for a diagram of the strain gage placement. A load test will be conducted later this week.

South Amherst (ca. 1895) Bridge Gets Fresh Coat of Paint - July 2009

The bridge was ground down and then repainted. Check out a picture of it here. For more info on the bridge, click here.

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