UMass EWRE Program

EWRE Graduate RA Opportunities

The EWRE program has a large and diverse external funding base, that serves as the main source of support for gradute research assistantships (RAs). The number and type of RAs available for any particular semester are not usually known with certainty until just before the semester begins. Recognizing that applicants need to plan their finances, the faculty usually make guarantees of funding to a small group of applicants around the time of admission. As the semester approaches, it is often possible to guarantee additional RA positions. This is done as soon as possible and requires no action on the part of the applicant.

To be considered for RA positions it is both necessary and sufficient that you apply for admission to the EWRE program. Please note that we cannot answer general questions about projected funding or anticipated numbers of RA positions. However, if you are an accepted student, and you are weighing financial aid offers from other Universities, but have not yet heard from UMass, please feel free to contact the EWRE coordinator (Reckhow) or your primary faculty contact to learn if a decision can be expedited.


To learn more about the types of RA positions that have been recently awarded, please see the general program research website

or you may consult some of the individual faculty research sites: