UMass EWRE Program

WRF 4242 Participating Utilities


A dozen utilities were carefully selected for this work. They represent a broad array of disinfectant types, water qualities and treatment sequences. In most cases, each utility was sampled only once (1-2 day duration), however in a couple of cases two separate events were conducted. For information on each click on the hypertext links.



Utility Back-ground 1st set 2nd set Pre-Disinfectant Final Disinfectant
Contra Costa, CA
19 Jan 2011   Ozone Chloramine
Pinellas County, FL
7 Jun 2011 Aug 2011 Chlorine Chloramine (Chlorine)
Wyoming, MI
9 Aug 2011   Chlorine Chlorine
Monroe, MI
11 Oct 2011   Ozone Chlorine
San Francisco, CA
19 Jan 2012 10 Apr 2012 Chlorine Chloramine
Charleston, SC
28 Feb 2012   Chlorine Dioxide Chloramine
Ann Arbor, MI
4 Apr 2012   Ozone Chloramine
25 Apr 2012   Chlorine Chloramine
Cincinnati, OH
14 May 2012     Chlorine
Minneapolis, MN
22 May 2012   Chloramine Chloramine
Knoxville, TN
27 June 2012   Chlorine Dioxide Chlorine




This work being conducted by UMass and at Yale University (in collaboration with CDM Consulting Engineers) focuses on developing models and new knowledge that helps in the prediction and understanding of key non-regulated DBPs; their expected concentrations, their degradation pathways, ways to accelerate their degradation, ways to minimize their formation.

Principal Investigators