Problem Statement

Sorting mail is a mundane and routine task that can be significantly enhanced through automation. Automation would improve the cost efficiency compared to a traditional mail carrier. Currently there are no automated last-mile delivery implementations available on the market. We plan to fulfill this gap by designing a small scale automatic mail sorter for individual office mailbox arrays.

System Specifications & Requirements

1. Support standard envelope size of 4⅛ in x 9½ in
2. Hopper dispenses exactly 1 letter to be processed with 95% accuracy
3. Identify correct letter destination by reading with 99% accuracy (QR/typed/handwritten)
4. Deliver letter into correct mailbox by tilting mechanism with 95% accuracy
5. Capable of sorting 1,000 letters per day

Block Diagram

Pic 01

MDR Demo Video

Meet the Team

Person 1

Dan Emerson


Person 2

James Finn


Person 3

Harrison Liu


Person 4

Long Nguyen


Person 1

Professor Holcomb