Who are we?

With a little bit of engineering and hard work, we have brought "Wizard's Chess" from the magical world of Harry Potter for all muggles and wizards alike to enjoy. We are a group of like-minded Electrical and Computer Engineers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst working on our Senior Design Project.

Tech Specs

How it works?

Learn more about the internals that creates the "Magic" in MagiChess.

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

See System Dimensions, Speed, Weight and Features as well as Hardware and Software Block Diagrams.

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ECE 415/416 SDP Design Reviews + Documents

PDR,MDR,CDR Slides + Final Report

Slides, Videos and Files from Preliminary Design Review, Midway Design Review, Cumulative Design Review, Final Project Review and SDP Report.

Final Project

Final Project

April 2021

Come see a video demo and photos of our final project.