Problem Statement

Our idea is to create a game that can connect the virtual and physical world. We see that a great way to do this is through physical competition between friends. It is more engaging than a phone call alone and, gives you a chance to show off your strength.

The Product

This will be a remote armwrestling game against other users in real-time. There will be two robotic arms connected over the internet. Each arm replicates the force and strength of the opposite user. The results of the matches will get submitted into a database which would rank users based on their performances. Information will be accessible through a phone application that allows you to create an account and join matches.

System Specifications

1. A sturdy robotic arm that will be able to handle the torque appiled by both users. The length of the forearm will be about .3 meters.

2. The arms must be able to sense and replicate the torque being applied by the user.

3. The two robotic arms will be connected using a high speed internet connection. This will operate with little to no percievable delay.

4. An application for monitoring the results of each match. It must also be able to allow the user to schedule and join matches.

5. A safetly mechanism must be in place to stop the game in case of a malfunction.

Block Diagram

Meet the R.A.W. Team

Tyler Costa:

EE, Mechanical/Hardware Lead

Steven Lucey:

CSE, Software Lead

Zach Matthews:

CSE, Team Manager, Software Lead, Website Creator

Steven McGrath:

EE, Mechanical/Hardware Lead

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