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Problem Statement

SDP18 Team 2

For people born in the 90s, Yu-Gi-Oh! played an important role in their childhood. Have you ever thought of dueling in the real world the same way Yugi did in series?

Our system makes the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disk into a reality, correlating very similarly to what people saw in the anime/manga. 

Physical card games like Poker and Pokemon Trading Card Game have no visual effects ultimately making people lose interest. Cards are easy to duplicate, thus, card game inventors gain little profit from selling cards. In addition, online card games are purely virtual, and often contain no real social interaction. Our system, however, develops a game that is virtually multiplayer, but physically single player.


Meet the Team

Hadi Ghantous

Computer Systems Engineer

Jerry Charles

Computer Systems Engineer

Xiaobin Liu

Electrical Engineer

System Specifications

Our system consists of three separate models: a pair of bluetooth enabled Yu-Gi-Oh duel disks, a phone app, and the hosting server itself.

Our Yu-Gi-Oh duel disks are light enough to wear and hold still, have 8+ hours battery life, are an inexpensive system, and meet the national safety standard for kids.

Our phone app is used as a midway communication tool between the duel disk and our server. 

Our server is build on a google platform to ensure security and fast connection.

Minimum of 20 game cards needed for each player. Each duel card is attached to a unique RFID tag, so unauthorized persons are not able to replicate cards nor cheat during duels.

Block Diagram


                                                                                    System Block diagram

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