Emergency Personnel Indoor Locator

Project Overview

We introduce a system that when complete will be able to track an individual on one known floor of a building and will be able to display the path the individual took on a GUI that will be accesed outside of the building. The system is being developed for the purpose of helping to track and locate emergency personnel.


Emergency personnel can get trapped in hazardous buildings without being able to be located by other units.


Modern GPS localization does not work accurately enough indoors for emergency situations


Emergency situations do not allow for pre-setup that current indoor localization systems often use

System Block Diagram

System Block Diagram

Project Team

Brett Gavin, CSE

Brett is the lead client side software developer, as well as supporting development of the data collection app and maintaining the group website

Greg Buitkus, CSE

Greg is the Project Leader and is the lead developer working on the data collection app. He also supports data analysis as well as the hardware team.


PDR Slides
MDR Slides
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