Problem Statement

Building automation systems can help reduce operational costs and carbon emissions by improving energy efficiency. However, many current solutions are manufacturer specific and expensive, making widespread adoption difficult

Our Solution

Our project aims to assist the non-profit Manhattan-2 company develop “electrical and communications standards that define how devices interconnect within the building of the future.”

This entails:
● Facilitate the development of an open-source software framework (Building Bus) to enable easy smart home device development
● Develop a new CAN transceiver circuit that emphasizes smart building network priorities, particularly higher-reliability and lower operational power compared to existing CAN transceivers

System Specifications

Networking Software:Supports communication from master controller to devices.

       Support various function calls and commands

       Supports tree networking topology

       Processor sleeps when not processing network packets

       Identify each device with serial number/address

       Uses CAN bus communication protocol

       Uses only C/C++

Physical Layer

       Provides a maximum of 5mA of power to device transmitters

       Defines a logic 1 and logic 0

       Supports CAN bus (Wire-AND)

       No damage to devices in event of accidental short

Transceiever Diagram