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An 'On-the-fly' Deeply Programmable End-to-end Network-Centric Platform for Edge-to-Core Worksflows


Current Team

Zink Image
Michael Zink, UMassAmherst, PI
Ewa Deelman
Ewa Deelman,USC/ISI, Co-PI
Anirban Mandal
Anirban Mandal, RENCI, Co-PI
Prasad Calyam
Prasad Calyam, University of Missouri, Co-PI
Eric Lyons
Eric Lyons, UMass Amherst, Senior Research Scientist
Ishita Dasgupta
Ishita Dasgupta, UMass Amherst, PhD Student
George Papadimitriou
George Papadimitriou, USC/ISI, PhD Student
Ryan Tanaka
Ryan Tanaka, USC/ISI, Programmer Analyst
Komal Thareja
Komal Thareja, RENCI, Distributed Systems Software Engineer
Cong Wang
Cong Wang, RENCI, Senior Computational and Network Researcher
Chengyi Qu
Chengyi Qu, PhD Student

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