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What is Cleaner?
CLEANER, Collaborative Large-Scale Engineering Analysis Network for Environmental Research, is the NSF project for a novel cyberinfrastructure that faciliates cooperation amongst multi-disciplinarian study of the environment's adaptive response to human activities. One of CLEANER's goals will be to integrate individual models and associated data to create more complex systems that will provide near real-time simulation.

Faculty Principle Investigators
Umass Cleaner PI Dave ReckhowDave Reckhow
Dr. Reckhow is the Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Umass Amherst. His research interests include water treatment, physical-chemical processes, water quality, and water chemistry. More

Umass Cleaner Co-PI Paula ReesPaula Rees
Dr. Rees is the Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Umass Amherst. She is the PI for several research projects, including Blackstone River, and... More

Sharon LongSharon Long
Dr. Long is an Associate Professor in the CEE Department of Umass Amherst. Her research interests include microbial ecology, pathogen monitoring, microbial source tracking, novel disfinection processes... More


Umass Cleaner News and Presentations
Umass Cleaner Project
The Blackstone River EFF and the Next Generation of Cyberinfrastructure.

Umass Cleaner Project Report
Most recently updated report on the Umass Cleaner project, including summaries of objectives, methology, and findings.

Allen R. HansonAllen R. Hanson
Professor Hanson's research reflects a broad interest in computer vision and visual information processing, including knowledge-based image understanding, analysis of motion sequences... More
  Edward M. RisemanEdward M. Riseman
Riseman's research reflects a broad interest in computer vision and artificial intelligence, including knowledge-based image understanding, stereo and motion analysis, autonomous vehicle... More
Jim KuroseJim Kurose
Dr. Kurose's research interests include network protocols and architecture, network measurement, sensor networks, multimedia communication, and modeling and performance evaluation... More
  Howard J. SchultzHoward J. Shultz
Dr. Schultz's research interests include quantitative methods for image understanding and remote sensing, including generating complex, three-dimensional terrain and site models from aerial images... More
Leon J. OsterweilLeon J. Osterweil
Professor Osterweil  is developing process programming technology in the context of a distributed process-centered environment. A process centered environment interprets process programs... More
  Deepak K. GanesanKeepak J. Ganeson
Professor Ganesan's interests are in systems, networking and data processing issues in Wireless Sensor Networks. His previous research has included building a distributed multi-resolution data storage system... More
Charles M. SchweikCharles M. Schweik
Dr. Schweik's focus is on environmental management and policy, public sector information technology, and the intersection of these domains. More
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