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In EVE we have three new instruments (6890s) and five older instruments (5890s). A few of these are dedicated inlet devices for mass spectrometers, but most are stand-alone gas chromatographs for analysis of contaminants in water and wastewater. Some may be used for analysis of gas samples too.

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Unit Identifiers

GC Model
Location Detectors Agilent Ser# UMA# Main Use
Agilent 6890 (DS #3)
301 d ECD (#U9168; 9/05)   141331 THMs
Agilent 6890 (DS #4)
301 d ECD (#U9170; 9/05)   141332 HAAs
Agilent 5890 (DS #1)
301 d ECD (#K2836; 6/96)   108545 Haloacetamides
Agilent 5890 II (DS #2)
301 d ECD (#M2251; 9/90)     Aldehydes
Agilent 5890
213 FID   106408 Air pollutants
Agilent 5890 II
301 d ECD (#F3790; 1/92)   098230  
Agilent 5890 301 e ECD (#F5971; 4/93)   078111 with HP 5988 MS


  • Boning Liu, Chen Wu, Arianne Bazilio, Yun Yu, Yanjun Jiang, Rassil Sayess
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