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Note: The links to many research papers direct you to the ACM Digital Library or IEEE Xplore. If you are accessing these site from a computer on the UMass network, you can get direct access. If that fails, please access the sites via the UMass library page. If that fails, too, try Google Scholar.

Network Measurement:

Interconnects: Input and Output Queuing:

Routers: Prefix Lookup Algorithms:

Routers: Flow Classification Algorithms:

Routers: Scheduling Algorithms II:

Next-Generation Internet: Architectures

Before You Start

The following links point to various resources regarding how to read scientific paper. Some of the are aimed at research papers in the "real sciences," but are still applicable to network-related papers.

One important skill to learn as a graduate student is the ability to discern what information in a document is important and what is not (unless you have infinite time...). While textbooks are usually written in such a way that every page has some relevant information, research papers have a different structure. Make sure to focus on the main idea of the paper (What is the contribution? Why is this work important? How does the main desing/algorithm/measurement work? What are the results/conclusions?). You can put less emphasis on less important things (detailed methodology, proof for algorithms, etc.).