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These files are large and are provided for online reference only. DO NOT PRINT THESE FILES. If you need hardcopies, please print only the pages that are relevant.

MPLAB References

The following documents are included as booklets in the MPLAB Kit:

MPLAB IDE, Simulator, Editor User's Guide (from Microchip)

MPLAB ICD User's Guide (from Microchip)

MPASMTM User's Guide (from Microchip)

PICmicro Quick Reference Guide (from Microchip)

MPLAB Software

MPLAB IDE (version 5.70)

Also available (but not used officially in this course): MPLAB IDE (version 6.40)

PIC Reference Material

PIC16F87X Data Sheet (from Microchip)

PICMicroTM Mid-Range MCU Family Reference Manual (from Microchip)

C Compiler for PIC

CC5X C Compiler (limited student edition) from B Knudsen Data

DSP Material

TMS320C6201 Data Sheet (from TI)

TMS320C6x/C67x Programmer's Guide

Other Data Sheets

MAX232 Data Sheet (from Sipex)

MAX7032 Data Sheet (from Altera)

HM6462B Data Sheet

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