About our project

Secure Traveler is a device that can be used to accurately track the location of personal belongings including bags, wallets and laptop carriers using a smartphone application which can trigger audio responses from the device as well as display the device's last known location.

The event of someone losing an item happens every day, it can vary from simple misplacement for a short time or the item could be lost forever. This leaves negative consequences on the individual (emotional stress, lost time, money etc.) that we attempt to eliminate. Secure Traveler is an efficient, cheap and quick way to make sure that items will never be lost. By placing a Secure Traveler device on or within your belongings, you can easily locate lost items by operating a user-friendly smartphone application which makes use of Bluetooth 4.0 LE connectivity.

The application will display the location of the userís devices using Google Maps through coordinates that have been uploaded and stored in Googleís Firebase server, making it easy to navigate. Secure Traveler sends notifications to the smartphone, warning the user that their item has left the range of Bluetooth. Secure Traveler also can play a high pitched tone in order to help the user find their belongings even if they canít be seen.

In the case that an item falls outside of the Bluetooth communication range, we have developed a social networking GPS functionality where the location of the device can be updated with the smartphones of people passing by who have the application running either in the foreground or background.