Sound Locator

We use TDOA technology to help you record meetings easily and more efficiently

What is So-Lo?

So-Lo is a sound locating video recorder. So-Lo uses TDOA technology to determenine the location of a sound source thus allowing an automatated camera to focus only on the speaker during a meeting. . The system is a device placed in the middle of the table which is surrounded by an array of microphones

How Does So-Lo work ?


Sound detection

An array of three microphones detects the sound


Angle Calculation

A custom software the use time difference of arrival to determine the angle from which the sound is coming from


Video Recording

A camera mounted on a rotating platform, record and save the video data on an SD card

Block Diagram

The Team

Suzet Nkwaya (EE)

Sound Detection and processing

Dan-Michael Tiamzon (EE)

Interrupt System set-up

Ming Shuai Chen (CSE)

Angle Calculation Algorithm

Andy Weng (CSE)

Motor Control software


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