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printed circuit board

Welcome to Senior Design Project 2017 (SDP17)



Course Overview

The Senior Design Project provides a capstone experience for undergraduate students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Students work in teams of 3-4 students in this year long course sequence to design and prototype a system of their choice. Past projects have included a variety of topics ranging from home automation systems to ultra wide band wireless links, assistive robots, and wireless drumsticks. Each team is advised by a faculty member in the department and projects undergo several formal reviews. The learning goals for the senior design project include technical design, team work, presentation skills, an understanding of realistic constraints, economics, and ethics.

NEWS: Checklist for Completing SDP17 (ECE 416)

1) Fran’s Clearing Procedure:  See Fran’s procedure posted at SDP lab.

2) Web site: At a minimum, post your PDR/MDR/CDR/FPR slide decks, SDP demo poster and Final Report

3) Surveys:  Please complete the annual ECE senior surveys:

 - 2017 ECE Senior Survey

 - 2017 ECE Senior Placement Survey

4) Final Report: See 27th April’17 email outlining the final report. Here is an examples of the mid-year and final report:

- Mid-year report

- Final report