Basketball Return Optimizer

SDP 2016

Our Team

We are a team of highly motivated UMass Amherst Electrical and Computer Engineering seniors working on cutting edge technology for basketball players.

Brian Acker


Derek Foster

Team Manager - EE

Devon O'Rourke


Adam Paranay


What is BRO?

In an era where automation is becoming a necessity in almost all facets of life, it is no surprise that the Basketball Return Optimizer's (BRO) main feature is automation via target tracking. Basketball return systems have been developed to help return the basketball to the player after they have made a shot. These return systems are meant to maximize the player's time shooting while limiting the time they have to retrieve the shot basketball. Unfortunately, the player still must manually adjust these systems to control where on the court the ball will be returned. This is an inefficiency that BRO addresses. As it stands, no recreational or professional system can track a player and return the ball to said player no matter where they stand on the court. BRO is a traditional return funnel system that is modified to maximize the players shooting time by using automatic tracking. By taking the funnel, mechanizing it and integrating a webcam that tracks the player, our team has created a system that allows the player to freely move around the court and have the ball returned to them regardless of position.

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