The term video game was coined in the early 1950's. With a rich history of around 65 years, video games have evolved from simple text based adventures to 3D games that contain both depth of story and stunning graphics. Along with the evolution of games, so has evolved the hardware built to play them. Almost every aspect of video gaming has evolved over the years except for the method of choice for a user to interface with a video game. To this day, pushing buttons is still the only practical usable method for most popular games. Other attempts have been made to update the user interface method, however, none have succeeded with respect to popular and competitive games. M_Transform translates a users body motion in the physical world to the motion of a video game character in the virtual world by causing a character in the video game to perform a similar motion to the user’s motion. Our approach modernizes the way that video games are played by incorporating more immersive user participation.