About MSR

MSR Block Diagram

MSR is a distributed injury reporting system. It is being developed to increase medic response speed and thus decrease soldier mortality. The system consists of a wearable array of external force sensors, an EKG for heart rate, and a blood pressure sensor. These sensors are connected to a Raspberry Pi microcontroller which sends data via Bluetooth to a mobile application. The application includes user interface and communication with a server database. The server completes data processing and pushes GPS data to the medic application.

The Team

Jake Spinney Francesca Maroney
  • Jake Spinney
  • Computer Systems Engineer
  • Team Manager
  • Android Development and Encrypted Networking
  • Francesca Maroney
  • Computer Systems Engineer
  • Server Development
Laura Thiele Adam Siegel
  • Laura Thiele
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Microprocessor Development
  • Adam Siegel
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Sensor Array Design