Introducing the E-µ Armband!

The E-µ is a wearable device which interprets hand gestures through measuring motion and muscle activity. We are configuring it to assist ground guides in directing large vehicles through difficult terrain. Our aim is to help prevent deaths due to back-over accidents and to prevent damage to vehicles due to inadequate awareness of surroundings. By allowing intuitive gesture recognition to a ground guide we enable and encourage situations where drivers can communicate with their guide more easily.

Report Abstract: When a driver of a large vehicle misinterprets signals from their ground guide, such miscommunication can easily lead to accidents resulting in death or injury of bystanders. The E-µ is a wearable device which serves as an interface to minimize communication errors and reduce the risk associated with navigating large vehicles through difficult or heavily populated terrain. The device determines gestures by reading the muscle activity and motion of the ground guide’s arm into pattern recognition software running on an embedded processor. Then, speech associated the gestures is sent wirelessly over a Bluetooth connection to a speaker in the driver’s car. Our solution is unique because it supplements pre-existing gestures.

History of the E-µ

This is our first prototype of the emg circuit. Single channel, ended up having rudimentary functionality.


This is our second prototype of the emg circuit. Dual channels, improved functionality. first

This is our current product. All subsystems are integrated onto this adjustable armband.