BDS-1.2   Release

BDS is a logic optimization program developed at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. It is an experimental tool for BDD-based logic synthesis, developed by Congguang Yang as part of his Ph.D. thesis.

BDS is based on a new theoretical foundation, namely a structural decomposition of the BDD of the logic function. Unlike traditional methods based on algebraic factorization, it allows for both algebraic and Boolean logic decomposition of type AND, OR, XOR, and MUX. In this tool, BDD is used as the sole platform to carry out all procedures in the synthesis flow. The new version, BDS-1.2, incorporates sharing extraction and has all the known bugs fixed.

Source code of BDS-1.2 is now available upon request for non-commercial, academic use only. Please contact Prof. Maciej Ciesielski at to obtain the code.

Please read instructions , before downloading the BDS-1.2 source code.

BDS is currently being modified by Alan Mishchenko,

                   Utility  Programs

The following are some utility programs we used in our daily research. We hope you find them
useful. Again, all the programs rely on st, util   and   bnet packages of CUDD. Please follow
the procedures given in the above instruction to compile them.

1.  blif2dot
     The program name already tells its functionality.  dot is an excellent graph drawing program
     for many applications. Look at the Boolean network of C6288as an example of a drawing.

2.   poext
   This program is used to split a multi-output function in BLIF format into a set of
      single-output BLIF files. This is the way to obtain non-trivial single-output Boolean

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