Cube Connected Cycle Network Simulator

Select parameter of CCC network:

Input Parameter:

 (please input integers for d and k. d>=3,k>=3,k>=d )
 (The diameter of a network is the longest distance between any two nodes)

  Choose Source Node:
Source q:

Source p
(please input parameter for source node,0 < p < d-1 and 0 < q < 2^d -1))
  Choose Destination Node:
Destination q:

Destination p:
(please input parameter for destination node,0 < p < d-1 and 0 < q < 2^d -1))
(The shown routing is a way from source node to destination node, which is not neccessarily the optimal route)


   Cube Connected Cycle is a d-dimension hypercube graph which instead of each node it has a ring with d nodes. Each node has a coordinate address such as (p , q), in which 0 < p < d-1 and 0 < q < 2^d -1. Since a CCC(d, k) has 2^d cycles each having k nodess, there are k x 2^d nodes in all.