Educational Publications

Parker, R. S., F. J. Doyle III and M. A. Henson, "Integrating Biological Systems in the Process Dynamics and Control Curriculum," Chemical Engineering Education, 40, 181-188 (2006). [PDF]


ChE 361

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Mathematical Modeling

Description: Development and analysis of mathematical models for chemical engineering systems. Topics include linear algebraic systems, ordinary differential equation models, numerical methods for model solution, dynamic systems analysis, optimization, and statistics for data analysis.

Prerequisites: Math 331 and ChE 320; ChE 333 and ChE 338 must be taken concurrently.

Offered: Spring semesters

ChE 446

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Process Dynamics and Control

Description: Design and analysis of feedback control systems in chemical and biological systems. Topics include formulation of dynamic models, time and Laplace domain analysis of open-loop and closed-loop systems, and design of single variable and multivariable controllers.

Prerequisites: ChE 338 and ChE 361. ChE 444 must be taken concurrently.

Offered: Fall semesters

ChE 697a

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Molecular and Systems Biotechnology

Description: Molecular and systems biotechnology has emerged as an important part of the current biotechnology industry. In this class, we will cover the basic concepts and techniques essential to understanding more sophisticated methods and to developing novel approaches in molecular biotechnology. In addition, methods to model and analyze biological complexity will be introduced.

Requirements: This class is open to graduate students only. Senior undergraduate students who would like to take this class must consult with the instructors in advance. Each student must complete a term project with a molecular biology or systems biology focus.

Last offered: Spring 2005