Hilary Snook

Hilary Snook

Senior Scientist
USEPA Regional Laboratory
11 Technology Drive
Chelmsford, MA 01863

Mr. Snook is a senior scientist for USEPA’s New England regional Laboratory. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Montana State University and a Masters degree in civil and environmental engineering from Tufts University. His work involves the coordination and management of water quality and aquatic biological monitoring surveys for the region, and provides a supporting role for national aquatic resource surveys presently being initiated by the EPA. He has implemented ecological assessments of condition for wadeable streams, large rivers, lakes and ponds, and near coastal waters for the past twenty years with a focus on development of biological indicators for assessing aquatic resource condition, and the transport of contaminants through food webs and the environment.  

Selected Relevant Publications:

Gauging the Health of New England's Lakes and Rivers: A Survey and Decision-making Resource. October 2010. NEIWPCC, EPA, 1-78.

National Lakes Assessment: A Collaborative Survey of the Nation's Lakes, US EPA, 2009, 1-118.

bio courtesy of Bowdoin College

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