Environmental & Water Resources Engineering Seminar (CEE 692A)

Spring 2018 - Organized by: Professor Chul Park

All are in room 303 of the Elab building starting at 2:30 PM (refreshments at 2:15), unless otherwise noted;




Seminar Title


Baptiste Francois

UMass Amherst Influence of the multi-scale variability of weather on renewable energy generation and integration amid the water-energy (Poster)

Colin Gleason

UMass Amherst What can remote sensing do for you? A case study modelling the Nile (Poster)

Ahmed Abouhend

UMass Amherst Effect of particle size and mixing intensity on the characteristics and performance of the oxygenic photogranules (Poster)
2/16 Dr. Christopher Muller Brown & Caldwell Challenges and Opportunities for Resource Recovery at Municipal WWTPs (Poster)
2/23 Gitau Joseph Gikonyo UMass Amherst Terra Firma oil spills: Clean up lessons from Thange-Kenya (Poster)
3/2 Changsoo Lee Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology Interspecies electron transfer in anaerobic digestion: direct and indirect mechanisms (Poster)
3/9 Abeera Ansari & Soheyl Borjian UMass Amherst Impact of light intensity on the oxygenic photogranulation phenomenon under hydrostatic environment &
A Mathematical Programming Model for Trade-off Analysis Applied on the Connecticut River Basin (Poster)
3/23 Dr. Mariam Allam UMass Amherst Water Resources Allocation: a case study in the Upper Blue Nile basin (Poster)
3/30 Dr. Ameet Pinto Northeastern University Observing, Understanding, and Managing the Drinking Water Microbiome (Poster)
4/13 Nick Zinck & William Yan UMass Amherst Development of Application Software for Watershed Data Management, Visualization, and Analysis with Shiny Framework & Application of CE-QUAL-W2: Wachusett Reservoir Contaminant Spill Modeling (Poster)
4/20 Joan Rodriguez Suarez UMass Amherst Accumulation and transport of nanoparticles in porous network of extracellular polymeric substances (Poster)
4/27 Kaavya Ram & Chuyên Nguyen UMass Amherst Introduction to and Data Analysis of Lead and Copper in Drinking Water and Innovative bench-scale assessment of PAC for MIB and Geosmin Removal at DAF plants (Poster)




The EWRE program was established by Professor Tsuan Hua "Tom" Feng in 1965 under the name of "SanitaryEWRE logo faded Engineering". It was changed to "Environmental Engineering" in 1967 and finally to "Environmental and Water Resources Engineering" in 2008. Our first graduate (Henry Hyde) entered the program in the fall of 1965 and graduated with the Class of 1966. Since then over 500 have earned MS or PhD degrees, and in some cases both. The EWRE program is currently served by 10 full-time faculty. All of these faculty have a substantial research focus on water (e.g., natural water, drinking water, wastewater), making the UMass program one of the strongest water engineering programs in the US. Other areas of interest to current and former EWRE faculty include solid & hazardous waste, air pollution, environmental chemistry, microbiology and public health.