Fall Semester 2007


Catalog Description:  CE 691: Environmental Engineering Seminar. Credit 1. Presentation by the graduate student of selected current literature and research.  Visiting lecturers. One class hour.


Textbook:                  none

References:               ONR site: http://www.onr.navy.mil/about/speaking_tips/default.asp

                                   Michael Alley‘s The Craft of Scientific Presentation: slide design: http://writing.eng.vt.edu/speaking/rethinking.pdf, and http://www.writing.eng.vt.edu/slides.html


Coordinator:              David A. Reckhow, Professor of C.E.E.

                                   16c Marston, 545-5392


Goals:                        1. To improve the student's technique in creating and delivering a professional oral presentation.

                                   2. To learn to critically review professional presentations.

                                   3. To become familiar with important areas of current research in Environmental Engineering.



                                   See full list of speakers


Attendance Policy and Course Requirements:

1.     Students are expected to attend all seminars

2.     Students will be asked to help with the logistics of running the seminar series

3.     Each Student will present one seminar (either November 30 or December 7)

4.     Students are also expected to attend practice seminars and assist their classmates

5.     Students will be asked to introduce speakers

6.     Students will prepare background summaries on one of the visiting speakers and their topics.

7.     Students will submit one 1-2 page critique of an outside seminar speaker

Grading Criteria:

                          Critiques & Background (1)    45%

                          Introductions (2)                         5%

                          Presentation (1)                        50%