Environmental Engineering Seminar (CEE 691)

Fall 2007

325 Elab – 12:20 PM






Sept 7

Introductory Seminar


Sept 14

Comparison of the efficiency of .OH radical formation during ozonation and the Advanced Oxidation Processes O3/H2O2 and UV/H2O2

Erik Rosenfeldt

UMass, Amherst

Civil & Env. Engineering

Sept 21

Investigating the fate of activated sludge EPS in sludge digestion using cation-specific extraction methods and metaproteomic analyses

Chul Park

UMass, Amherst

Civil & Env. Engineering

Sept 28

No seminar: Feng Lecture

Oct 5

Removal of Organic Compounds from Water by Adsorption: The Role of Hydrophobic Nano-Pores

Robert Thompson


Chem. Engineering

Oct 12

Estimating Dissolved Organic Carbon Export from Terrestrial Landscape to Coastal Water using Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies

Qian Yu

UMass, Amherst


Oct 19

Assessing the impact of climate change on aeroallergens

Christine Rogers

UMass, Amherst

Env. Health Sciences

Oct 26

Monitoring Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in the Aquatic Environment

Patrick O’Keefe

Wadsworth Center

NYS Dept of Health

Nov 2

The Greater New Haven WPCA Morris Cove Pumping Station

Carolyn Lowe

Malcolm Pirnie

White Plains, NY

Nov 9

UV Disinfection Application and Process Design

Heather Landis

Black & Veatch

Boston, MA

Nov 16

Hydrogen and electricity generation from anaerobic wastewater treatment

Baikun Li

Univ. of CT

Civil & Env. Engineering

Nov 23


Nov 30

Decentralized Urine Treatment

Ashish Sahu

UMass, Amherst

Civil & Env. Engineering

Dec 7

Graduate Student Presentations

Jill Russell & Marina Pereira

UMass, Amherst

Civil & Env. Engineering


For updates and more details, see: http://www.ecs.umass.edu/cee/reckhow/courses/seminar/schedule.html