Environmental Engineering Seminar (CEE 692)

Spring 2008 - Professor John Tobiason

304 Elab 12:20 PM






Seminar Title

2/1 Reed Maxwell    
2/4 Yeonjoo Kim    


Dr. Casey Brown    
2/11 Mary Schoen    
2/15 Hamid Moradkhani    
2/22 Nilanjan Mitra    
3/21 UMass Spring Break - No Seminar
4/7 Shannon Isovitsch Carnegie Mellon Univ Water Quality Control Through Spatial Analysis of Sense-Response Systems
4/9 Marcelo Chamecki Johns Hopkins Univ Field Experiments and Large Eddy Simulation of Pollen Dispersion in the Atmosphere
4/11 Dr. Am Jang Univ. of Cincinnati Application of Microelectrodes to Biofilms and Improvements with BioMEMS Fabrication Technology
4/14 Dr. Mi-Hyun Park UCLA Satellite Remote Sensing Application to Stormwater Pollution Management
4/16 Eric McLamore Purdue Univ Physiological Sensing in Environmental Engineering
4/16 Special TEI Seminar - Dr. Pedro Alvarez - "Nanotechnology: Env. Implications and Applications"
4/18 Bevin Beaudet Palm Beach County What are the Challenges in teh Water Industry?
4/25 Erich Fiedler & Cynthia Castellon
UMass EWRE grad students Modeling of the Wachusett Reservoir Watersheds for Improved Watershed Management & Characterization of DBP Precursors in Wachusett Reservoir
5/2 Ryan Siegel & Kristine Baker UMass EWRE grad students Bioremediation Systems for Control of Non-Point Sources of Nitrogen & Solving Groundwater Management Problems using the Simulation-Optimization Approach
5/9 Mary Serdakowski & Cora Olson UMass EWRE grad students Alternate Models for Representing the Hydrodynamics of the Thomas Basin & Modleing the Effects of Transient Flow on an Unconfined Aquifer

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